Sharina Hudson Net Worth [2024]


Sharina Hudson is a name that has been in the limelight for quite some time now, primarily due to her association with popular television host and radio personality, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. While she has managed to maintain a low profile, her relationship with Hunter has brought her into the public eye. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Sharina Hudson’s net worth as of 2024, detailing her early life, career, relationship with Kevin Hunter, business ventures, and lifestyle.

Early Life and Career

Background and Early Life

Sharina Hudson was born in 1987 in the United States. Despite her association with high-profile individuals, she has managed to keep her early life and family background away from the public eye. This discretion has allowed her to maintain some level of privacy amidst the media scrutiny.

Professional Beginnings

Professionally, Hudson is a massage therapist. Her career in this field was established before her relationship with Kevin Hunter became public knowledge. Although specific details about her early career are scarce, it is known that she was dedicated to her profession and built a client base through her skills and reputation.

Relationship with Kevin Hunter

The Affair

Sharina Hudson’s relationship with Kevin Hunter has been the primary reason for her fame. Hunter, who was married to Wendy Williams at the time, reportedly had a long-term affair with Hudson. This affair became public and led to significant media coverage, especially after it was revealed that Hudson and Hunter had a child together.

Impact on Wendy Williams’ Marriage

The affair between Hudson and Hunter had a profound impact on Wendy Williams’ marriage. Williams and Hunter’s relationship became strained, leading to their eventual divorce. The public nature of the affair and the subsequent divorce brought intense media scrutiny on all parties involved, particularly on Sharina Hudson.

Impact on Sharina Hudson’s Net Worth

Financial Support from Kevin Hunter

While it’s unclear how much financial support Hudson receives from Hunter, it’s speculated that her net worth has significantly increased due to their relationship. Hunter, who was the executive producer of “The Wendy Williams Show,” reportedly has a net worth of $10 million. This financial connection has undoubtedly influenced Hudson’s financial status.

Estimated Net Worth

As of 2024, Sharina Hudson’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This includes her income as a massage therapist, her alleged business ventures, her real estate investment, and the speculated financial support from Kevin Hunter.

Estimated Net Worth$500,000
Country of OriginUnited States
Source of WealthMassage Therapist, Alleged Business Ventures

Sharina Hudson’s Business Ventures

Involvement in Various Ventures

There have been reports suggesting that Hudson has been involved in various business ventures. However, the details of these businesses remain unclear. It’s speculated that these ventures, along with the financial support from Hunter, contribute to her net worth. Despite the lack of concrete information, her involvement in business activities suggests a drive to diversify her income sources.

Potential Revenue Streams

Hudson’s business ventures, though not well-documented, likely provide a steady stream of income. These ventures, combined with her earnings as a massage therapist, help bolster her financial standing. The speculative nature of these ventures leaves room for curiosity about their exact nature and profitability.

Real Estate Investments

Property Ownership

It’s reported that Hudson and Hunter jointly own a house in Morristown, New Jersey. The house, which is estimated to be worth around $765,000, is said to be under Hudson’s name. This real estate investment significantly contributes to her net worth and provides her with a substantial asset.

Significance of Real Estate

The ownership of this property not only adds to Hudson’s net worth but also provides her with a stable and valuable asset. Real estate investments are often seen as a sound financial move, and in Hudson’s case, this property represents a significant portion of her wealth.

Sharina Hudson’s Lifestyle

Maintaining Privacy

Despite the controversies surrounding her, Hudson maintains a relatively low-key lifestyle. She is rarely seen in public and manages to keep her personal life private. This approach helps her avoid unnecessary attention and allows her to live more peacefully.

Speculated Luxuries

While the details of Hudson’s expenses and luxuries are not publicly known, it’s speculated that she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Her real estate investment in New Jersey and her alleged business ventures suggest that she has a substantial income, allowing her to enjoy various luxuries.

Public Perception

Hudson’s low public profile contrasts sharply with the high-profile nature of her relationship with Kevin Hunter. This contrast has helped her maintain a degree of normalcy in her daily life, despite the public’s curiosity about her.


In conclusion, Sharina Hudson’s net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be around $500,000. Despite the controversies surrounding her, Hudson has managed to maintain a low-key lifestyle. Her net worth is influenced by her profession as a massage therapist, her alleged business ventures, her real estate investment, and the speculated financial support from Kevin Hunter. While the details of her expenses and luxuries are not publicly known, it’s clear that Hudson leads a comfortable life. Her ability to maintain privacy and a degree of normalcy amidst public scrutiny is noteworthy and speaks to her resilience and determination.