Andy Frisella’s Net Worth in [2024]

Andy Frisella, an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker, is widely recognized for his success in the business world and his influential podcasts. Known for his no-nonsense approach and motivational style, Frisella has built a multi-million dollar empire. This article delves into his net worth, early life, career beginnings, rise to fame, and financial journey.


Andy Frisella is the CEO and co-founder of 1st Phorm International, a leading supplement company. He is also the host of the popular podcast “MFCEO Project,” which has inspired millions worldwide. Frisella’s entrepreneurial journey and his ability to turn challenges into opportunities have made him a respected figure in the business community.

NameAndy Frisella
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1984
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri
EducationUniversity of Missouri (Management and Marketing)
Net Worth$100 million
Primary Business1st Phorm International
Other VenturesSupplement Superstores, Real Estate Investments
PodcastMFCEO Project
Books“75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself”
Annual Revenue of 1st PhormOver $175 million
Early Career StrugglesEarned $7/day, faced financial hardships
PhilanthropyInvolved in youth development and entrepreneurship charities
Fitness EnthusiastMaintains rigorous workout routine
Key ValuesHard work, perseverance, resilience

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on September 29, 1984, in St. Louis, Missouri, Andy Frisella grew up with a passion for sports and fitness. His early years were marked by a strong work ethic, instilled by his parents. He attended the University of Missouri, where he studied management and marketing.

Frisella’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged early. At the age of 19, he and his business partner, Chris Klein, opened their first supplement store. With a loan of $12,000 and a lot of determination, they embarked on a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of a multi-million dollar business. The early days were tough, with the duo earning just $7 per day during their first few years. However, their perseverance and commitment to customer service set the foundation for future success.

Rise to Fame

Frisella’s breakthrough came with the launch of 1st Phorm International in 2008. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality supplements and providing exceptional customer service. Under Frisella’s leadership, 1st Phorm grew exponentially, becoming a leading brand in the fitness industry.

The “MFCEO Project” podcast, which stands for “Mother F*cking CEO,” further propelled Frisella into the limelight. Launched in 2015, the podcast offers insights into entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership. Frisella’s candid and often blunt style resonated with listeners, making the podcast a massive success. It has been downloaded millions of times and has a loyal following of aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Career and Business Ventures

Apart from 1st Phorm and his podcast, Frisella has ventured into several other businesses. He owns Supplement Superstores, a chain of retail stores, and is involved in various real estate investments. His business acumen extends beyond the fitness industry, showcasing his versatility as an entrepreneur.

Frisella is also an accomplished author. His book “75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself” has become a bestseller. The book outlines a 75-day mental toughness program designed to help individuals develop discipline and resilience. Frisella’s writing further solidifies his influence in the personal development space.

Income and Net Worth

Andy Frisella’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. His primary sources of income include profits from 1st Phorm, his podcast, book sales, and various investments. 1st Phorm alone generates substantial revenue, with the company reportedly making over $175 million annually.

Frisella’s podcast, though available for free, contributes indirectly to his income through brand partnerships, sponsorships, and the sale of merchandise. His books and speaking engagements are additional revenue streams, further boosting his financial status.

Financial Challenges

Despite his current success, Frisella’s journey has not been without challenges. The early days of his business were fraught with financial struggles. He often speaks about the hardships he faced, including living on a shoestring budget and dealing with constant setbacks. These experiences have shaped his philosophy and approach to business.

Frisella’s candid discussions about his financial challenges have made him a relatable figure. He emphasizes the importance of resilience, hard work, and learning from failures. His story serves as a testament to the fact that success is often the result of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Other Details

Beyond his business ventures, Frisella is known for his philanthropic efforts. He is actively involved in various charitable activities and supports organizations that focus on youth development and entrepreneurship. Frisella believes in giving back to the community and often uses his platform to inspire others to do the same.

Frisella’s personal life is equally inspiring. He is a fitness enthusiast and maintains a rigorous workout routine. His dedication to health and fitness is evident in his lifestyle and the values he promotes through his businesses. Frisella’s journey from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful business magnate is a story of determination, resilience, and unwavering belief in oneself.


Andy Frisella’s net worth and success story are a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. His journey highlights the importance of hard work, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings to building a multi-million dollar empire, Frisella’s life is a testament to the power of determination and the impact of a strong work ethic. As he continues to expand his business ventures and influence, Andy Frisella remains a prominent figure in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.