Andrew Wommack Net Worth [2024]

Andrew Wommack is a renowned American conservative Charismatic TV evangelist and faith healer who has made a significant impact in the Christian community. Known for founding Andrew Wommack Ministries in 1978 and Charis Bible College in 1994, Wommack’s estimated net worth in 2024 is a topic of interest to many. This article delves into his estimated net worth, sources of wealth, and his journey to financial success.

Table: Overview of Andrew Wommack’s Profile

Estimated Net Worth$12 million
Age76 years
BornApril 30, 1949
Country of OriginUnited States
Source of WealthTelevangelist, Author, Faith Healer

Andrew Wommack’s Early Life

Andrew Wommack was born on April 30, 1949, in Texas, United States. Growing up in a Christian home, Wommack experienced a spiritual awakening at the age of eight, which set the foundation for his future in ministry. His profound encounter with the Lord in 1968 marked the beginning of his dedication to teaching and spreading Christian teachings. This early start in his spiritual journey played a crucial role in shaping his career as a televangelist and faith healer.

The Foundation of Andrew Wommack Ministries

In 1978, Wommack founded Andrew Wommack Ministries, a teaching ministry aimed at broadcasting Christian teachings globally. The ministry focuses on presenting the Bible in a clear and simple manner, making it accessible to people from all walks of life. This approach has garnered a large following, significantly contributing to his wealth. Through television programs, radio broadcasts, and online platforms, Andrew Wommack Ministries reaches millions of viewers and listeners worldwide, ensuring a steady stream of income from donations and contributions.

Charis Bible College: An Educational Venture

Charis Bible College, established in 1994 by Wommack, is another cornerstone of his wealth. The college offers Bible-centered education and has expanded to multiple campuses across the globe. It provides students with in-depth knowledge of Christian teachings, preparing them for various roles in ministry. The college’s success and expansion have contributed significantly to Wommack’s net worth, with tuition fees and donations from supporters adding to his financial portfolio.

Income from Books and Teaching Materials

Wommack is a prolific author, having written numerous books on Christian teachings and faith. His books, which are sold globally, along with various teaching materials, form a substantial part of his income. These publications cover a wide range of topics, from faith and healing to personal growth and spirituality. The widespread distribution and popularity of his books have not only boosted his reputation but also his financial standing.

Television and Radio Broadcasts

The Gospel Truth television and radio program, broadcasted by Andrew Wommack Ministries, is a significant source of income for Wommack. This program, which airs globally, features his teachings and attracts a vast audience. Donations from viewers and listeners who resonate with his message contribute to his financial success. The consistent viewership and listener base ensure a steady flow of contributions, reinforcing his net worth.

Donations and Contributions

As a faith healer and televangelist, Wommack receives substantial donations and contributions from followers and supporters of his ministry. These donations are crucial in sustaining and expanding his various ventures, including Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College. The generosity of his supporters reflects their trust in his teachings and mission, providing a robust financial foundation for his endeavors.

Real Estate Investments

Over the years, Wommack has made strategic investments in real estate, further enhancing his wealth. His ministry owns several properties, including the expansive campus of Charis Bible College and the headquarters of Andrew Wommack Ministries. These properties not only serve functional purposes but also represent significant financial assets, contributing to his overall net worth.

Andrew Wommack’s Lifestyle and Philanthropy

Despite his considerable wealth, Wommack is known for leading a relatively modest lifestyle. His dedication to his ministry and teachings is evident in his daily life. He focuses on using his resources to further his mission rather than indulging in a lavish lifestyle. Additionally, Wommack is actively involved in philanthropy, running several outreach programs through his ministry. These programs provide aid to those in need, reflecting his commitment to helping others and giving back to the community.

Controversies and Challenges

Like many public figures, Wommack has faced controversies, particularly regarding his teachings on faith healing. Critics have questioned the validity and impact of his healing practices. However, these controversies have not significantly affected his net worth or the growth of his ministry. His loyal following and the success of his various ventures have allowed him to navigate these challenges effectively.

Future Projections

Given the steady growth of his ministry and other ventures, it is projected that Wommack’s net worth will continue to increase in the coming years. The expansion of Charis Bible College, the continued popularity of his television and radio programs, and the ongoing sales of his books and teaching materials all contribute to a positive financial outlook. As his influence in the Christian community remains strong, Wommack is poised to maintain and even enhance his financial success.


In conclusion, Andrew Wommack’s estimated net worth of $12 million in 2024 is the result of his dedicated efforts in ministry, education, and authorship. His wealth comes from various sources, including his ministry, Charis Bible College, book sales, television and radio broadcasts, donations, and real estate investments. Despite facing controversies, his net worth is expected to continue growing due to the steady expansion of his ministry and other ventures. Wommack’s journey is a testament to his commitment to spreading Christian teachings and his ability to build a successful and impactful career in the process.